Dr. Pravin Dugel Discusses Iluvien Treatment for Patients with Diabetic Eye Disease – NBC 12 Phoenix

Retinal Consultants of Arizona’s Dr. Pravin Dugel discusses the new Iluvien treatment implant with NBC Channel 12 Phoenix.

From NBC 12

The Phoenix doctor, who helped bring this new drug to the market says, it could help about 50% of patients. A new eye implant is on the market and it’s available for people suffering severe vision loss due to diabetes.

It is known as a Iluvien implant, and it works by being inserted into the patient’s eye and it slowly releases the drug fluocinolone acetonide, or FA, for up to three years.

“The growth rate of diabetes around the world is in some cases 100 percent or more,” Dr. Dugel said. “So this is not just a disease, it is an absolute epidemic. This will be the leading cause of blindness around the world.”

Dr. Dugel believes that about 50 percent of the diabetic patients could benefit from the implant.