The Altitude Trial – A year long investigation with Dr. Mark R. Barakat

Watch Dr. Mark R. Barakat delve into the ALTITUDE Trial, a year-long investigation that shows improvement for Diabetic Retinopathy patients.

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RCA’s Research Institute is making strides in clinical trials.

Dr. Mark Barakat discusses how clinical trials are helping patients maintain their vision.

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Dr. Mark Barakat discusses developments in gene therapy for neovascular AMD

Watch Dr. Mark Barakat discuss the suprachoroidal delivery of a tyrosinase kinase inhibitor and a gene therapy agent for the treatment of neovascular AMD.

Dr. Mark Barakat first in AZ to administer new gene therapy for AMD

Watch Dr. Mark R. Barakat sit down with CBS to talk about being the first in AZ to administer gene therapy to treat Age-related Macular Degeneration.

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Dr. Mark Barakat’s discusses the Kingfisher Trial of Brolucizumab for DME

Watch Dr. Mark R. Barakat discuss the results of the Kingfisher trail, a study employing broluizumab for the treatment of diabetic macular edema with Retina Synthesis.