Dr. Matthew Witmer: An Early Holiday Gift of Kindness

To: Dr. Matthew Witmer & Retinal Consultants of Arizona

While on my way to my eye appointment yesterday I happened to think of the many time folks have come up to my husband, a retired Marine, to thank him for his service.

Then my thoughts turned to Dr. Witmer and the many hours of studying, testing and learning, the years of schooling, etc., and, I thought I really must do more to thank him for all that than just the regular “thanks” as I go running out the door. It’s important for people to know that they are appreciated and if I don’t tell them, who will?

I did tell Dr. Witmer and so I’m letting you all know; you have a great crew going from office to office and I for one, appreciate them very much.

Then I realized I was using the word “them”. So, there are more folks to thank than just Dr. Witmer. There is the Quartet: the Receptionist, the Picture Taker, the Pressure Checker and Our Lady of the Numbing drops. Where would I be without those delightful ladies?

And lastly, I wish to tell everyone that I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and a Great New Year coming.

Your patient,