Dr. Dugel LIVE from Nepal After Second Earthquake – ABC15

A Phoenix doctor is in Nepal helping people hurt by the quakes. Doctor Pravin Dugel has been in Nepal for a while now treating people hurt from that first quake.

He says there was already a backlog of patients, now it’s even worse because of the aftershocks.

“It was fairly severe,” says Dugel. “What you hear about is the tip of the iceberg. The people who are really injured are the people who are remote. They’re far away. They really have no voice and they really have no access at all.”

Tremors radiated across parts of Asia. In neighboring India, at least 16 people were confirmed dead after rooftops or walls collapsed onto them, according to India’s Home Ministry. Chinese media reported one death in Tibet.

The magnitude-7.8 earthquake that hit April 25 killed more than 8,150 and flattened entire villages, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless in the country’s worst-recorded quake since 1934. The U.S. Geological Survey said Tuesday’s earthquake was the largest aftershock to date of that destructive quake.

Tuesday’s temblor was deeper, however, coming from a depth of 18.5 kilometers (11.5 miles) versus the earlier one at 15 kilometers (9.3 miles). Shallow earthquakes tend to cause more damage.