Dr. Dugel ABC15 -Valley Doctor Heading to Nepal


A massive rescue effort is underway in Nepal, two days after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Rescue workers now have a closer look at the challenges crews are facing on Mount Everest and in the country’s busy capital city.

Volunteers from here in the Valley are preparing to go to Nepal to help find and treat the missing.

Doctor Pravin Dugel still has family in Nepal. He travels there about every six months to train doctors in eye surgery.

Now he’s gearing up for a trip that will be unlike any other.

“Now it’s a matter of doing the logistics,” said Dugel. “We’re trying to figure out the flights. We’re trying to figure out whether the infrastructure is there for planes to land.” Dugel says there wasn’t much infrastructure in Nepal to begin with so it’s hard to even imagine what his home country looks like right now.

“We still don’t know the scale,” said Dugel. “The scale is immense of what we know but there may be a lot more to come.”

Dugel is recruiting other doctors to pack up and head to Nepal. He’s assembled a team of trauma surgeons who are planning to stay for a couple weeks.

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