What can you expect once you are enrolled in a clinical trial?

All clinical research trials are different, but generally you can expect a high-level, concierge service during your experience. Depending on the clinical trial, you will most likely have several visits throughout the period of the research study.

Usually, you will have a visual acuity assessment, an assessment of an illnesses or changes in medications since your last study visit, measurement of the eye pressure and dilation of the pupils, and an eye exam by the doctor at all study visits.

Depending upon the study, the investigational medication being studied may be an injection into the eye, a medication that is given orally, or a medication that is given in the form of an eye drop. This varies widely by study, so be sure to ask your Research Coordinator or doctor if you have any questions.

All patients participating in clinical trials can further expect to have a dedicated, passionate team of medical professionals caring for your vision.