The Research Coordinator

RCA employs full-time Research Coordinators and will be your “Research Concierge” through the clinical trial process. Each trial is assigned one coordinator who works very closely with you throughout the trial and is present at every study visit. The Research Coordinator is your “point person” for the trial and is there to help answer questions and guide you through the study visits.

First, your doctor may identify you as a potentially suitable candidate for a study. He or she will then refer you to the Research Department within RCA so that you can get more information about the trial. A Research Coordinator will contact you to discuss the trial, and give you written information about the trial for your review. This information is the “Informed Consent Form”: a document that details the purpose of the trial, what the investigational medication is, and what the study assessments are, as well as other information. This document is given to potential trial patients so that you can make an informed decision about whether to participate in a study.