“A strong commitment to medical research and the advancement of treatments for retinal diseases.”

Retinal Consultants of Arizona’s mission is to provide the most up to date and effective treatments for patients with retinal diseases. Unfortunately, there are many medical conditions that do not have a “cure.” Although we provide the latest technology available to treat retinal disorders, we are actively involved in multiple clinical research trials in hopes of expanding our treatment options for our patients. RCA physicians contribute to the advancement of new therapies by participating in clinical research studies.

We have been participating in clinical trials since 1998 and are proud that the Retinal Research Institute has become one of the nation’s largest retina & vitreous-specific research organizations. In many instances, RCA is the only retina group in Arizona to offer patient participation in multiple studies addressing multiple eye conditions.

We continue to have a strong commitment to medical research and the advancement of treatments for retinal diseases. If you or someone you know is interested in more information about our clinical research trials, please call (602) 682-2770.

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Brolucizumab: A New Anti-VEGF Agent for Wet AMD

In this interview from AAO 2017, Dr. Pravin Dugel outlines the results of two phase 3 trials of brolucizumab, a novel anti-VEGF agent for treating neovascular AMD. Brolucizumab is the smallest active unit of a human monoclonal antibody, which allows for concentrated molar dosing. The two trials, dubbed HAWK and HARRIER, suggest that extended dosing is viable. Eyes treated with brolucizumab showed robust and consistent visual gains at 48 weeks. In more than half of the study eyes, these gains were maintained on a 12-week dosing interval. Both trials will continue to follow patients through 96 weeks, and are expected to conclude in May 2018.

Relevant Financial Disclosure: Dr. Dugel is a consultant for Alcon.

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