Dr. Pravin Dugel: Brolucizumab: A New Anti-VEGF Agent For Wet AMD

In this interview from AAO 2017, Dr. Pravin Dugel outlines the results of two phase 3 trials of brolucizumab, a novel anti-VEGF agent for treating neovascular AMD. Brolucizumab is the smallest active unit of a human monoclonal antibody, which allows for concentrated molar dosing. The two trials, dubbed HAWK and HARRIER, suggest that extended dosing is viable. Eyes treated with brolucizumab showed robust and consistent visual gains at 48 weeks. In more than half of the study eyes, these gains were maintained on a 12-week dosing interval. Both trials will continue to follow patients through 96 weeks, and are expected to conclude in May 2018.