Dr. Derek Kunimoto Demos New EVA Vitrectomy Machine

Retinal Consultants of Arizona’s Dr. Derek Kunimoto Demonstrates the latest in vitrectomy surgical technology – EVA.

Meet EVA, an innovative cataract and vitrectomy system that affords surgeons increased control and Flexibility. Eva is a combined Vitrectomy – Phaco machine that is a significant technological advancement that will encourage you to see further and find new solutions for Cataract and Vitreo Retinal Surgery. For further information : www.evabydorc.com

Launched in Europe in 2013, now in over 250 locations in Europe and with over 250,000 procedures performed. EVA is an integrated surgical system for retina, combined and cataract surgery. The launch of EVA in the USA is in an important milestone forward in the investment of the company in American market and an indication of the commitment of DORC to providing an innovative, economically competitive alternative in the market.

EVA includes a number of innovative technologies designed to provide the surgeon with enhanced control and flexibility in surgery – including the unique VTI pump system (offering both flow and vacuum fluidics), TDC (two dimensional cutting) vitrectome with cuts speeds of up to 16,000 CPM, LED illumination and AIC – active infusion compensation.