Anti-PDGF, anti-VEGF combination may be game changer in wet AMD treatment

“Anti-VEGF monotherapy will go down in medical history as a treatment model that was both insurmountable and unsustainable.”

“It was insurmountable because of the historic gains that were seen in a disease, neovascular macular degeneration, that had miserable treatment results earlier. We went from essentially not being able to treat our patients at all and watching them go blind to being able to maintain vision in 90% of our patients with exudative macular degeneration. We were able to actually improve vision in 30% to 40% of our patients with neovascular macular degeneration with anti-VEGF monotherapy.”

Retinal Consultants of AZ is committed to clinical research and the pursuit of new and improved therapies for retinal diseases. Our Retinal Research Institute is proud to be intimately involved with this groundbreaking study. We helped to coordinate the study design, data collection, and were enthusiastically involved with study recruitment. In fact, we were the highest recruiters in the entire study. We would like to thank our referring doctors for helping to make this achievement possible. Without your help, we would not be able to contribute to this innovative clinical trial.

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