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Latest News: Annidis Selected and Funded by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute to Address Space Travel Related Eye Problems

Annidis Corporation (TSX Venture: RHA) (“Annidis” or the “Company”) today announced that it has been selected and funded by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) as one of three companies to further develop unique technologies that address visual problems experienced by astronauts in space as well as on Earth.

Annidis RHA is the most advanced retinal imaging system based on Multi-Spectral Imaging technology. This partnership with Annidis will allow RCA to continue its leadership in patient care by offering the best available technologies for examination and diagnosis of retinal eye diseases.

“This new technology with multi-spectral light allows us to detect changes at the layers of the retina and choroid better than anything before. Integrating this level of medical imaging technology into our daily practice of patient care gives us the ability to detect disease at the earliest stages and enables us to start treating diseases before a patient is at risk of losing their sight,” said Dr. Pravin Dugel, managing partner, Retinal Consultants of Arizona. “Additionally, this level of imaging enables us to better assess the effects of drugs and laser treatment in many aging Arizonians suffering from diseases such as macular degeneration and vitreo-retinal diseases, potentially leading to better outcomes.”

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The advantages of Annidis RHA include maximizing patient examinations, while reducing invasive tests and procedures to yield the same or better diagnostic quality. The RHA™ instrument is a multi-spectral imaging digital ophthalmoscope that captures high-resolution image data through the retinal and sub retinal layers.

Multi-spectral imaging extends the analysis eye care professionals use to distinguish between ocular structures. It both expands the examination wavelength range from green to invisible near infrared light and generates the probe wavelengths to separate specific spectral regions for enhanced visibility and discrimination. The combination of the images and extracted data points provides an enhanced view of the eye.

About Annidis Corporation

Annidis was created in 2007 with the intent to improve healthcare through eye-centric products and services that help eye care professionals screen, detect, diagnose, treat and manage ocular diseases. Annidis (TSX-V: RHA) has developed a new imaging platform technology based on Multi-Spectral Imaging (MSI).

This new technology is opening a new frontier in disease identification and its management. MSI technology allows eye-care professionals to view non-invasively the deepest areas of the eye aiding eye care professionals in the early identification and treatment of debilitating eye diseases. Today Annidis is a global company with USA and China representing major markets for its products. Annidis continues its growth by providing superior product capabilities and exceptional services in eye care. To learn more about the Annidis RHA, please visit –